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Terry's burnout is much longer; almost to the finish line. But where Bo has to back up to return to the starting line (because with a 300 inch wheelbase his dragster is too long to turn around on the race track,) Terry can turn the short wheelbase bike around right on the drag strip and drive back. As Terry does his burnout he feels out the bike. S-bike, as Terry calls it sometimes, is different on every pass. He plays with the throttle. He wants to know at exactly what point the tire starts breaking loose and smoking a little too hard, and just where in the power range SuperBike wants to totally hook up. Maximum traction on a 76 inch wheelbase bike with this kind of horsepower is out of the question. Terry has experienced it a couple of times, and it's only because SuperBike felt benevolent on those occassions that nothing bad happened. There's nothing you can do but hang on, you have no control at all. The S-bike just goes anywhere it wants!(Page 55, Bikesters© 1995, Fred E. Vosk)
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Don Prudhomme with SuperBike
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The sun is just beginning to set as they prepare to fire the rocket. The stand is securely chained down. "This should be interesting," thinks Nitro. He has put long wires on the controls so they can be behind the pickup truck, 100 feet away from the rocket engine when he hits the ignition button. TK does the count down to zero, and Nitro pushes the button. There is a huge roar and flame shoots 25 feet. The rocket on its stand is straining aginst its chains. "What a beast!" thinks Nitro. Terry's eyes are big. He can't wait to ride this baby! Watching the rocket shooting flame with the sunset in the background, Celeste (always the promoter) thinks: "What a show this thing is going to put on!" TK, off to the side, is watching the computer screen, monitoring the H2O-S system and the heat of the tail pipe: "Super interesting stuff." (The other kids always did call TK "Some kind of a rocket scientist", and now it looks like maybe they were right.) By the time Nitro gets it shut off, it's already broken two chains. "This dude's got some power," he says, "Scary!" (Page 45, Bikesters© 1995, Fred E. Vosk)
RocketBike Outdoors
'The Rocket' shows some profile RocketBike at Seattle RocketBike Outdoors

Big Al
Nitro wants to beat Bo's new twin Fuel Hemi powered DragMonster with a bike, which is going to be a pretty tall order. But, after all, they are "the Bikesters", and as TK likes to say, "Bikesters Rule!"

Now Terry sees what Nitro went to the warehouse to pick up last night, and is astounded by what he's creating. Sitting in the middle of the shop is the huge Allison V-12 that he drug home from Sun Tool a couple of years ago. Over 1700 cubic inches of overhead cam, aluminum Mega engine - sitting sideways like the Hemi-V-8 in SuperBike. Nitro has placed one wheel, five or six feet out in front of the engine, and he has two of the big drag slicks they use on SuperBike side by side behind it, down low in front of the engine are two gigantic turbochargers, each one big enough to fill a five gallon bucket. "This is scary! It makes SuperBike look like a kid's toy!" On the four foot long, dull black valve covers Nitro has stenciled a name: "Big Al!" Terry doesn't even want to think about this. He goes back out to the van and heads for the boat. Right now, he would much rather spend a couple of weeks in the islands than deal with the latest creation of the "Mad Doctor Nitro!"

A couple of hours later, Nitro looks out the shop window and sees Nail's truck and trailer coming down the driveway. He made good time, considering that Nitro just called him when they left Texas, three days ago. Nitro knows that Nail is the ideal person to help with this project. He has just the right attitude for what this Bike is going to be: no chrome, nothing fancy, a ground pounder - - something capable of putting over seven thousand horsepower on the ground. A very effecient 'blunt instrument' that will get the job done.
(Page 167, Bikesters© 1995, Fred E. Vosk)
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