Proposal for Sponsorship
Fantasy on Wheels

The Promotion

The BIKESTERS CHARITY SHOW is a mobile, multi-media attraction designed to provide high-entertainment, High-visibility support to deserving charities.

It will feature the Bikester vehicles, motorcycles, truck and trailer,etc. The show will combine fast-paced video and audio entertainment with promotions using Bikester merchandise in exchange for donations of food or cash to the Food Bank. (Other charities can also be represented.) The Bikesters prioritize their charity representation to projects that provide direct help to the underprivileged and poor, i.e. Food Banks, help for the homeless, or kids at risk.

While achieving these goals, the show will also be serving as an excellent public relations vehicle for corporate sponsors or individuals who attach their name and/or Logo to the promotion.

The Bikesters Charity Show is designed to play an active role in any community by making specially scheduled appearances at fairs, shows (auto, boat, etc.)and sporting events, but especially at supermarkets and malls; places where people are more likely to have access to groceries for Food Bank contributions.

The Display

The focal centerpiece of the display consists of the Bikester vehicles, which include SuperBike, RocketBike, and the Allison V-12 aircraft engine powered "Big Al". In outdoor displays, the Bikester truck and trailer (in appropriate colors and signage) will be part of the show, and will provide a backdrop for exhibition tenting which would house the exhibit and video display.

The video display would consist of one or more high resolution color monitors, and would feature a computer controlled audio/visual system presenting professionally produced videos on a rotating basis. The videos will be a combination of live-action, animation, and state of the art graphics providing entertainment (Bikester adventures and features), information about the charities represented (Food Banks, etc), and sponsor graphics and Logos.

These will be fast-paced broadcast quality productions which can be incorporated into public service announcements for television promotion of the show. The Bikester display always draws a large crowd, and the video and Bikester merchandise promotions ensure constant action and excitement for the people, young and old, who flock to it.


The primary benefit of the Bikesters display and show is of course to the represented charity or charities themselves: through the support of the sponsors and the audience. This enjoyable and entertaining show will provide these deserving causes with much needed donations and exposure. Nevertheless, there are many substantial benefits to the sponsors, particularly in the public relations area.

Participation with the Bikesters on a "partnership for charity" basis provides the sponsor with a direct association which extends and supports other present charitable endeavors. This will reinforce and enhance the sponsor's position of being civic minded and dedicated to serving and improving the community in which it "lives."

In addition to the benefit of having their name/Logo placed on all advance press and public service announcements required to support the Bikester charity shows, the sponsor would also be offered a number of other exciting options in marketing and promotion, including

Clearly, the sky's the limit. The more activity and excitement, the more we can do for charity.


A sponsor's participation in the Bikester Charity Show is welcome on any level. From underwriting an portion of the operating expenses, or helping provide support equipment, to donating merchandise and marketing assistance, there are a variety of meaningful ways to assist both the show and the charities involved.

Join with the Bikesters in a "Partnership for Charity."

We hope you will choose to be a part of this very worthwhile project. Endeavors like this are the reason the Bikesters exist, and are their very heart and meaning. For more information on this very exciting opportunity, contact,

PO BOX 393
Carnation, WA 98014

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