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It's a match race between Terry on SuperBike and Dangerous Dan Jones in his AA/Fuel Funny Car. As they cross the finish line at over 250 miles per hour, the Funny Car's supercharger explodes and the car bursts into flames! It's up to Terry to rescue his friend from the inferno.

"Terry runs to the flaming race car, and begins ripping burning fiberglass away to get to the dazed driver who is still struggling with his shoulder harness." (Page 35, Bikesters© 1995, Fred E. Vosk)

The Big Race: Superbike vs. Bo Barns.
Bo's dragster is the fastest and quickest around, so Terry has to dig down deep into his bag of tricks if he wants to win this one, AND HE WANTS TO WIN!

"They are past the half way mark and Bo is beginning to make his move. This is where Bo gets really strong and Terry has to hope that the initial quickness of the bike will carry through. As he approaches the finish line, Terry can feel Bo coming up fast. This is going to be very close! There's a little throttle left, and Terry knows he has to go for it. He has to 'hang ten' over the edge if he wants to win this - and he plans to win. He twists the throttle open to the stop. Terry feels a surge in both acceleration and the gyroscopic force that dominates a fast ride on SuperBike. He is within feet of the finish line when he feels the force change. He knows that he's over the edge and has totally lost traction. Suddenly he's looking at Bo's front wheel! S-Bike is sliding sideways at over 250 miles per hour with the slick completely up in smoke! Terry thinks "Whoa, this thing has come totally unplugged!" (Page 57, Bikesters© 1995, Fred E. Vosk)

RocketBike: 300 miles per hour on a bike?
The designing, building, and initial testing of RocketBike. You won't believe what this bike can do. It's unreal!

"Terry hits the ignition button and disappears in an explosive cloud of dust and steamy exhaust with a loud roar! Nitro and TK turn anxiously to the monitor as Terry is accelerating so fast down the runway that he's already out of sight. Terry struggles against the tremendous G-force and pushes forward to control the bike as it accelerates even harder than SuperBike at it's best. TK, Nitro, Jim, and Ben watch the data flashing across the screen recording the astounding acceleration. With growing confidence, Terry leans forward and gives it more power. At the first check point, Celeste watches RocketBike appear and disappear almost instantly.

At the monitor, Nitro and TK look at each other. Both are quite worried by the speed Terry is reaching. This is much faster than was planned for the run. Terry grins and relaxes, ready to go for it - no matter what Nitro says, he wants to find out now. Terry looks down and presses the blue button on the handlebars." (Page 75, Bikesters© 1995, Fred E. Vosk)

Run What Ya Brung: The race of the century
First it's a rematch between SuperBike and Bo's AA/Fuel Dragster, and it's even wilder than the first race (if that's possible!) Then it's RocketBike taking on the awesome groundshaking Jetasaurus Rex.

Side by side, the monster twin jet with both afterburners shooting fire while RocketBike has a fifty foot tail of bright white flame! Both of them roaring at an unearthly level! If they had interplanetary Drag Races, this is what they would be like. (Page 115, Bikesters© 1995, Fred E. Vosk)

Plus: Meet "Big Al", the MegaBike.
The "Mad Doctor Nitro" creates a monster!

These, and many other adventures coming soon to this site.

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