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TK and I have been surviving, looking out for each other, longer than most real brothers and sisters - even when we lived in foster homes there were just the two of us. We each had opportunities to be adopted, but turned them down rather than be separated.

Now that we've hooked up with the Bikesters, it's quite different (much better, but different.) TK has the guys to hang out with, he spends a lot of time with Nitro who is a hands-on mechanic and tech wizard (a total natural engineer.) While TK is an absolute science and engineering nerd - it seems like he can absorb information and technology, analyze it, and come up with answers in a matter of seconds, sometimes it seems like he doesn't even need that computer we've always packed around with us. (But - with the computer, he's double smart.)

With Nitro and TK using their talents together, I doubt that there's many engineering or design problems they can't solve. It was amazing watching them designing and assembling the H2O-S system. They let Terry and I do a little filing and drilling, but really it was just Nitro and TK doing the thinking and fitting the thing together. And it worked the first time they tried it! In fact, it worked well enough that Terry caught that Lear Jet and stopped it.

While TK is so totally busy, I am suddenly finding myself with extra time. At first, it was kind of confusing. Since we've been on our own, we've always been just making ends meet. I've had to work 10 and 12 hours a day at jobs like waitress or dime store clerk just to make sure our rent and food were covered and TK's education was taken care of.

Now, all of a sudden it looks like I'm going to have some time to pursue some of my own interests...Cool. I get to read more and really get into the college courses I've been taking over the net on TK's computer. I'll also (thanks to the Bikesters) be able to get involved in a few other things I've been interested in.

My first special project is going to be scheduling a series of Bikester display appearances to benefit the Food Banks. The show will be set up in supermarket parking lots or in malls, and will trade Bikester merchandise, stickers, posters, T-shirts, and that kind of stuff for donations of food or cash to the Food Bank.

At the same time, the show will make everybody more aware of the fact that there are people without enough food, and remind them to think more about giving in the future. The Bikesters are on the road almost all the time, but this promotion will work wherever we happen to be because there are Food Banks in every town. It's too bad, they are needed, but there's a lot of hungry people out there, so we've got to help them out.
Look into seeing what you can do!

This project is very important to TK and I. We've seen, and even lived in places where people don't have enough to eat, or have access to proper nutrition. It seems not right that in a country where people are proud to be able to support art museums and build new concert halls and community swimming pools, there are still people (including kids) who are hungry. Nitro and Terry also feel very strongly about this project, and we are all going to get very involved in it. It's going to become a Bikester priority!

I'll get off my soapbox now and talk about bike stuff - after all, TK and I are Bikesters now. You know what, I've been watching Terry on SuperBike and talking to Nitro about how the bike is set up, and I bet I can ride that dude - in fact, I'm sure of it. It's not like I'm not pretty good on a bike. I sure smoked that bad guy out at China Lake with my dirt bike - - RIGHT!
I'm going to bug Terry and Nitro until I get a shot at it. SuperBike's got to be the ultimate ride. I can see it: 'SuperChick' on SuperBike! As TK would say, "Definitely Bonus!"

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