Celeste invites Terry, Nail, Nitro and of course, TK to a late night after the races breakfast, at the closed truck stop. TK and Nitro have taken a booth and are mulling over the technical information that TK has gathered. A few of the mechanical parts from the crate are partially disassembled and scattered across the top of the papers. It looks like total confusion. TK and Nitro have slipped off into their own world, and Terry doesn't want to have anything to do with it. Terry and Nail grab another booth and sit talking racing while Celeste makes Denver omelettes for everyone except TK-he has a hamburger. Celeste sits down with Terry and Nail to eat, after reminding TK and Nitro that their food is getting cold, as they are too engrossed in their project to notice. She explains that she and TK have been stuck in this town for seven months now. Their station wagon broke down when they got here so they just stayed. They live on the tips from her job, and meals and a mobile home come free with the deal, but things are still tough. There isn't any business to speak of except when there's a race, and there won't be any more races here this year so she and TK are hoping to move to a bigger town where there might be better job opportunities. Luckily TK can continue his education anywhere assisted by the modem on his computer. In fact, Celeste has been taking a few classes, too. Terry and Nail listen sympathetically as she explains their situation.

Oblivious to all this, TK and Nitro are matching parts to plans and drawing diagrams and think they have come up with a plan that will make this system work. When Nitro half-jokingly asks to, "Rent the kid - or at least his brain - for a few days," Terry offers to give them a hand moving to the next town. TK is in seventh heaven; there's no way Celeste can say no. "Besides," says TK, "once we get the H²O-S system working, nobody, not even Bo Barns, will be able to run with SuperBike." Terry grins; he likes that kind of talk.


Celeste cleans the last of their stuff out of the dilapidated mobile home that's been their home for over half a year, as Nitro hefts the final piece of TK's computer equipment into the side door of the Bikester trailer. All that's left is Celeste's dirt bike, which Nail helps her roll into the trailer and tie down. Nail is heading for a bike race in Texas, so they all say their goodbyes and make plans to cross paths again. The rest of them head west through the high desert. Nitro and TK feel that if they had a few days to work on it, they could have the H²O-S system ready to test, and Terry knows just the place where they can put it together and test it without being bothered. They're heading for a place near China Lake, an abandoned military landing strip in the middle of nowhere.