Terry climbs on SuperBike and Nitro pushes the button engaging the portable starter that is plugged into the side of the engine. The starter spins and the engine roars to life. It's unbelievably loud! "This fuel system must be doing something, "thinks Nitro, "because I've never heard an engine this loud!" TK is off to the side sitting in front of his computer which is plugged into the bike. The loudness of the exhaust surprises him, but he gets on with his job of monitoring all the mechanical functions to watch for any problems.

Terry hops off the bike, which is now idling, and stands with Nitro staring in amazement at the exhaust, which is steam, no fuel or oil smoke or smell, just pure steam. TK looks over from the computer screen and sees them standing in a cloud of steam, shaking their heads, and gives them two thumbs up, letting them know that everything is fine. Steam is what you get for exhaust when you are running on water. TK looks over towards Celeste, to let her know everything is working like it should, but she's looking out at the landing strip and thinking, "Something very fishy is going on out there."
The Lear Jet has returned and is landing, coming in past the trailer towards the far end of the strip.

It rolls to a stop as it turns to point back down the runway towards them. She watches through her binoculars as the side door opens and two men jump out, one of them holding a back pack.

The dirt biker skids up alongside and the men get the backpack buckled on him and jump back into the jet, which is already rolling.