The DEA Command van has pulled alongside the Bikester encampment. Terry and Celeste watch the finish of the DEA's telephoto videotape of the drug bust. As the chute opens in front of the fleeing Lear Jet, TK, watching through the open side door of the van, cheers and the tape comes to an end.

Not only did Terry prevent the jet's certain escape, Celeste's fearless pursuit of the dirt biker resulted in the quick capture of a major drug dealer. The agent asks if it would be OK if they release the video of the bust to the press. The DEA can always use some good press, so Terry and Celeste say, "Sure, anything to help you guys out."

RIVER CAMPGROUND - two days later

Stopping for a couple days of R and R gives TK a chance to touch bases with a few of his computer 'pen pals', or as he calls them, "Mouse Pals". He finds out that someone has been beating the e-mail bushes looking for him, also that two well dressed men in an expensive car had appeared in Baker looking for him a few days after they left. Nobody told them anything, and the only information they had was his e-mail address, 't-kid'. He immediately changes it to 'rollertk' and makes sure that only a few very good friends know how to get hold of him. It sounds like the men trying to find him were the lawyers from Atlas-Mega. TK is worried.

Just then, Terry comes back from doing a little fishing. "Well, I've done that, fishing gets old, let's get going." Terry has a destination in mind.

On the Road

They are heading west towards Sonoma, and as the surreal landscape of the high desert flashes past, Celeste thinks with amazement that it's only been ten days since she and TK met the Bikesters and this incredible adventure began. She recalls that day less than two weeks ago.......

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