Terry's comment that " the track's only 4 hours away" brings Celeste back to the present.

"It's fun to visit the fancy racers now and then," continues Terry, as they head for Sonoma, where a major sanctioned race will take place this weekend. "Anyway, we need to pick up some new slicks, this new fuel system seems to burn them off real quick."

"And it's a chance to say to say 'Hi' to the guys we used to race against," adds Nitro, remembering the days of running fuel dragsters and Funny Cars. "Most of these guys are all right."

"Yeah," agrees Terry, "except for Bo."

Then, Nitro says something that interests Celeste a lot more. "How 'bout you guys sticking with us for awhile? You don't seem to be heading anyplace special, and I need the kid to help sort out this new setup on the bike." "And", adds Terry to Celeste, "you handled yourself real well out at China Lake. Besides being able to handle a bike, you were real smooth with those D.E.A. guys. We could use somebody to put together some good P.R . for us."

Celeste looks over at TK, and he has a big grin on his face. She knows she can't say no. "Sounds good to us," she says. TK doesn't say anything, then he waves his fist in the air and exclaims in a loud voice: "Bikesters Rule!"

Follow the BIKESTERS in their continuing adventures ...


An adventure in racing and technology

© copyright 1995
created by: Fred Vosk

written by: Fred Vosk

with contributions from: Lewis Pratt

storyboard illustrations by Lewis Pratt

racebike illustration by Art Rasmussen

web assistance by Dan Jones

bikes envisioned and realized by Fred Vosk Design

original manuscripts transcribed by Sally Adolfson Vosk

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Copyright © 1995 by Fred E. Vosk

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