The "Western Manufacturing Special" Restoration 

AKA "The Little Fuller"

Ya know ... I've restored all sortsa things, Horse Buggy's, Classic Cars, Exotic Sports Cars, ect. - built a bunch of cars 'n' stuff from scratch, too, but this project was especially sweet - cuz it's the favorite car of my favorite digger builder... Kent Fuller built over 250 dragsters, almost all of them during the 60's they were the best of their time, and are now the most coveted by collectors... This car was originally built by FULLER in late 61 or early 62 for Vic Hubbard Speed Shop as a very light blown Chevy fueler ... Kent especially liked this car, so the next year - when Hubbard wanted a new car for the upcoming season - Kent took this in on trade for the new piece ... At one point FULLER, along with his B-ville buddy Pervis, dropped an Ardun Flathead in the little digger and ran a bit over 180 with it, still a record for Ardun's as far as anybody knows ... The car is restored in the colors of Jon Halstead, who ran the car for a year or two as a flyweight AA/GD, once again powered by a blown Chevy small block ... the car weighed around 900 pounds in this form ... Pete Starrett worked on the car when Halstead had it - - hence his nickname, "Pit Crew Pete" ... At the end of it's noteworthy racing career it was in the hands of Jim Laing - who stored it in the rafters of his garage - - where the little digger hung for the next 30 plus years, untouched - and for the most part - original. Until three years ago when Pete liberated it to be restored for the 2000 California Hot Rod Reunion - - which was honoring Kent Fuller...

Pieces of Art like this car are not really owned - - we are just their caretakers...and the caretakers for this jewel are
Kent and Evelyn Fuller
Jim and Diane Laing
Pete and Pam Starrett

The above photo is the car when Jon Halstead first ran it back in 1964, before he put the supercharger on it.

The Photo below is the car as it was in 1965 ... and what follows is 
some of the process of bringing it back to that point in time again ... I 
hope it gives you a little peek into the creative art of Kent Fuller





Questions about the restoration of this car? Or any help we can give you with a project you are doing, (i.e. learn from our disasters), we're always willing to answer any question we can...



Click here for the Restoration Photo Essay


These albums are done in a slightly different format and have the comments of Fred Vosk with each photo, so be sure and click the photo to enlarge and read the comments which will educate and entertain. On a personal note I would like to say that I had the pleasure of seeing this car up-close and personal and to sit and talk with Fred and also with Kent Fuller. This is something I will always remember and will always be grateful for the good folks of The 1320 Group for making it possible. I am proud to say I am a member of the 1320 Group. I have not yet meet Pete, but hope to at some point, but would like to say, "job well done” and “Thank You’ for making it possible for people such as me to be able to enjoy this great piece of innovative thinking and true craftsmanship

George Crittenden



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