An adventure in racing and technology

Created by Fred Vosk


BIKESTERS is an action adventure with a technological base. At present, while registered and protected, it has not yet been offered for publication. It is a unique title, with fresh content, and will undoubtedly receive a 'G' rating.

BIKESTERS was written not only to entertain, but also to stimulate the reader's thinking and interest in technology and the world around them, while heightening feelings of social awareness and responsibility. This is the rare action adventure that contains no violence, weapons, harsh language or sexual innuendo.

The attached BIKESTERS storybook was originally undertaken as a long-form treatment for a pilot episode, with perhaps a few sample series attached for good measure. Together, these were intended to illustrate the tremendous potential of the concept, characters and underlying material for development in a variety of media: film, published comics, illustrated fiction and CD ROM, to name a few. It is, consequently, designed to support the extended (or fragmentary) narrative requirements of diverse forms. Throughout, scene headings function as cinematic markers, installment titles and interactive "pages".

What you see before you is no longer a treatment: it is more. It is, quite simply, a conglomeration of short, fast-paced, successive episodes which have been created to engage the attention spans of the young and the young at heart. They range from exhilarating chases across the sky to the excitement of fantastic scientific discoveries. As you read, remember that this "bible" is not so much a final product, but, rather, the common source from which all future adaptations may spring. The list below provides a fair summary of avenues of development I considered in its writing .

And one other thing: don't forget that the bikes and vehicles described in the attached stories are more than a little real. I know -- I designed and built them.

Publishing Options

1) Complete book with illustrations and photographs, with or without companion CD ROM

2) The book broken down into a series of short stories (action thrillers?), each one comprising of one chapter from the book. BIKESTERS consists of nine chapters containing twelve separate major adventures and each would have illustrations, photographs, blue-screen, etc. and could have a companion CD ROM or floppy.

3) Comic books containing illustrations, photographs, blue-screen images, etc., and each could include a floppy sampler.

Visual Production

One of the many unique aspects of BIKESTERS as an action adventure/visual production, is that the bikes in the story are actual and complete (see attached photographs). Therefore, they can be photographed, blue-screened into scenes etc. -- not to mention exhibited. This allows for a reality based production rather than totally illustration and/or animation; it also means that such a production could be put together just a little more rapidly and inexpensively.

Publishing Options: Multi-Media

Floppy Comics: Flomix?

Consisting of ten to twenty-five images that are a combination of photographs illustration, 3-D imaging and blue-screen accompanied by text and MIDI-sound. These would be very inexpensive to produce and could be included with action thrillers or comic books and could be published on the Internet (download to one floppy). They could also be used as giveaways at sponsor outlets, events and computer stores, etc..

On the Internet, it could be presented as a site or series. In this form, the adventure would become a very strong destination on the net and would greatly increase the popularity of the items that surround it on its site, etc.. It would also serve as a sample to acquaint people with BIKESTERS and build interest in the complete production: book, CD ROM, spin-off products, etc.


A full CD could be used as a companion with the book, short stories, or by itself as a CD ROM adventure and would be a combination of live action, captured video, blue-screening, illustration, 3-D imaging and animation with sound and graphics.

The sequences from the book, both action and technological, can be mixed with travel and visiting points of interest, i.e. BIKESTER truck and trailer traveling through a desert landscape; stopping at museums, etc.; passing points of interest that are not normally seen , such as The Windmill Farm at Tehachapi Pass California, illustrating alternative energy or the Watts Towers in Los Angeles, illustrating creativity and one persons dedication to a project. There also could be video bites of the cities and towns that they pass through on their travels--basically, a mini-geography lesson. Much of this footage could be put together inexpensively by blue-screening the BIKESTER truck and trailer onto captured video scenes,etc..


Uses the same content as the CD ROM, but with a more prevalent use of geography and points of interest. This production could also contain complete versions of the computer sequences in the story and detailed technical readouts of the bikes in wireframe CAD, etc., all of which could be interactively accessed.


Games involving travel, races and the BIKESTER adventures and rescues could easily be written incorporating much of the same visual content produced for the CD ROM.


Both film and video tape adventures could also be developed with a major portion of the content coming from material already produced. The attached "treatment" provides abundantly for the simultaneous development of feature and sequel, pilot and episodic series -- even an old-fashioned serial drama.


Because BIKESTERS is a story based on racing and adventure, it lends itself towards the marketing of story-based items and products. The following are just a few ideas:

1) Printed T-shirts and hats (logo,etc.)

2) Stickers and decals

3) Posters

4) Models: bikes, BIKESTER truck and trailer, etc.

5) Bicycle crash helmets

All of these products would of course carry the production partner and/or sponsors name/logo along with the BIKESTER logo.

Whatever the application, I believe the work speaks persuasively for itself. Enjoy it! or
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Carnation, WA 98014

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