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This has been a totally bonus couple of weeks. Not only did Celeste and I join up with the Bikesters, but Nitro and I working together have produced a running H2O-S system on SuperBike - a most worthy scientific accomplishment (it took some heavy duty engineering too.) Working with Nitro is mega cool, he knows everything about race cars and bikes, and he s going to let me help him work on SuperBike's engine and all sorts of things - stuff I can tell you about every week in this newsletter. I've read all about race cars, bikes, and super high horsepower engines in magazines, but I've never got to work on them and learn the real inside trick stuff. This is going to be "ultimate." Unfortunately, I can t tell you much more about the H2O-S system right now; we still have a lot more work to do on it to get it totally dialed in. Running down that Lear Jet at China Lake was the first time we even tried it - worked pretty good, huh? Next, we re going to work on refining the system and designing a special throttle setup to deal with the added horsepower this system puts out. Terry said there is so much more power than before, that it was all he could do to control the bike.

You've already read about the excitement in the last couple of weeks. (I'm sure that there will be lots more adventures.) But I can tell you a little about our trip from Baker to China Lake.

The California High Desert is so cool, besides the weird cactus and Joshua trees, we drove by all kinds of different mining operations. Gold and Opals were just a couple of them, plus all kinds of interesting Government and Military sites, (many of which have Internet addresses. I'll have to visit them on the Net!) and a real ghost town (Calico, California.)

We were only a few miles from Edwards Air Force Base, where they test all the latest jets. The Space Shuttle even lands there! I really want to come back and check this place out further.

Also, the place Nitro calls "China Lake International Airport" is right near Death Valley, definitely another place worthy of a close look. There's a lot of weird and cool things out there.

Here's a map so you can see where we've been the last couple of weeks. As you can see, there's a lot going on in just a small space. The world is a cool place - look into it. The Net is a good place to start.

Talk to you again in my next newsletter - 'til then, scroll on!

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