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Since Nitro and I started racing, I've driven just about everything there is. Race cars and boats, snowmobiles, bikes, you name it, even did daredevil stunts. We've tried them all, but the neatest thing ever has been SuperBike.

I love riding this bike. Race cars got boring - even Top Fuelers and Funny Cars got so they were really easy and never had any surprises for me. It was all getting old. I was about ready to get a job at Boeing or someplace and become a zombie, but then came Superbike and now it's cool, it's fun again.

With SuperBike it's always a contest, it takes total team work between rider and machine - it's like riding a very fast and wild horse. I like having to be aware of every little move and twitch S-Bike makes and be ready to compensate for it. It reminds me a lot of my daredevil days. I get that same rush of excitement from riding this bike.

So far, we've been running it a little loose. We can win these match races and even King of the Hill without really having to push it to the limit. But, what I want is a race with Bo. I want him real bad! To beat Bo, everything has to be right on. There's no messing around at all. If we give even a little bit, we'll lose (I hate that!) Bo's the quickest and fastest guy out there. But, we know we can run with him.

We can't run the top speeds he turns (over 300 miles per hour) because SuperBike just doesn't have the streamlining or downforce that the bodywork and wings on Bo's dragster provide. However, we can get to the finish line just as quick - because of SuperBike's light weight and small size, it gets off the starting line much quicker. We have to put as much power to the ground as possible and still keep SuperBike going straight to pull it off, and it's still going to be really close. SuperBike's going to have to run right on the edge to take this one. We've never had to to that before, and I'm really looking forward to it.

With all the extra horsepower that Nitro and TK have cooked up with the H2O-S system, it's really going to be fun!

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